How to Say Binding Agreement in Spanish

When it comes to translating legal documents, accuracy is key. This is especially true for terms like « binding agreement. » In Spanish, there are several ways to express this concept, depending on the specific context and type of document. Here are some of the most common options:

1. Acuerdo vinculante

This is the most straightforward and commonly used translation for « binding agreement. » It literally means « binding agreement » in Spanish and is suitable for most legal contexts.

Example: El acuerdo firmado entre las partes es un acuerdo vinculante.

Translation: The agreement signed by the parties is a binding agreement.

2. Contrato obligatorio

If the binding agreement in question is a contract, another option is to use « contrato obligatorio. » This phrase emphasizes the obligatory nature of the contract and its legal implications.

Example: El contrato de arrendamiento es un contrato obligatorio según la ley.

Translation: The lease agreement is a binding contract according to the law.

3. Pacto vinculatorio

In some cases, « pacto vinculatorio » may be used to refer to a binding agreement between individuals or parties that is not necessarily a formal contract. This phrase conveys the idea of a mutual commitment with legal consequences.

Example: Los socios firmaron un pacto vinculatorio para coordinar sus acciones en la empresa.

Translation: The partners signed a binding agreement to coordinate their actions in the company.

4. Convenio obligatorio

For binding agreements between organizations or entities, « convenio obligatorio » is a common option. This phrase emphasizes the mandatory nature of the agreement and its enforceability.

Example: El convenio entre el gobierno y los sindicatos es un convenio obligatorio para todas las partes involucradas.

Translation: The agreement between the government and the unions is a binding agreement for all parties involved.

In general, it`s important to consult with a professional translator or lawyer when dealing with legal documents in a foreign language. However, with these options in mind, you can confidently express the concept of a binding agreement in Spanish.