Uft Agreement

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UFT Agreement: What You Need to Know

The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) is a labor union that represents public school teachers in New York City. The UFT has been negotiating collective bargaining agreements with the New York City Department of Education (DOE) for many years. The latest UFT Agreement was signed in October 2018 and will remain in effect until September 2022.

The UFT Agreement is a complex document that covers a wide range of issues related to the working conditions and compensation of public school teachers. Some of the most significant provisions of the UFT Agreement include:

Salary Increases: The UFT Agreement provides for salary increases for all UFT-represented employees, including teachers, guidance counselors, and school psychologists. The salary increases are tied to the rate of inflation and are dependent on the funding levels provided by the New York State Legislature.

Paid Parental Leave: The UFT Agreement includes provisions for paid parental leave for all UFT-represented employees. Employees can take up to six weeks of paid parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child.

Class Size: The UFT Agreement establishes maximum class size limits for different grade levels. The agreement also provides for additional compensation for teachers who work in oversized classes.

Professional Development: The UFT Agreement provides for time and resources for professional development for all UFT-represented employees. This includes ongoing training and support to help teachers improve their instructional skills.

Healthcare Benefits: The UFT Agreement includes provisions for comprehensive healthcare benefits for all UFT-represented employees. This includes medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Overall, the UFT Agreement is an important document that helps to ensure fair and equitable working conditions and compensation for public school teachers in New York City. Through collective bargaining and ongoing negotiations with the DOE, the UFT is able to advocate for the best interests of its members and help to provide a high-quality education for the students of New York City.